Next Generation 9-1-1

Alert PSS NG- 911 solution, APSS AXIS™ (powered by Experient 9-1-1 Technologies) features Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), text messaging, streaming video and still images, APSS AXIS™ is the most advanced, innovated, and reliable cost saving NG-911 solution that is at the forefront of technology.

This proven solution allows for multiple agencies to consolidate their 911 operations without cutting jobs or having to replace high cost equipment at the secondary PSAPS.  Dispatchers and 911 operators sit in the same seat and report to the same management as they always have.  Agencies looking to consolidate can choose between physical consolidation or virtual consolidation, eliminating the stress that comes when the word “consolidation” is even mentioned.

Ohio House Bill 360 will demand reduction of multiple PSAPS within a county.  Virtual consolidation keeps the doors open of the 911 centers that have been serving their communities for many years providing that personal knowledge of the community by dispatchers who know it like no one else does.


  • Phase I and Phase II wireless compliant
  • Accepts both 10-digit (pANI) and 20-digit (pANI + CPN) calls
  • Supports large number of connections, easily expandable
  • Trunk and ANI selective routing
  • Comprehensive and scalable call processing
  • Utilizing IP-based phone sets or Integrates with your current phone system
  • VoIP and remote workstations
  • Easy to learn thin client user interface and can run on the same workstation as CAD
  • Unlimited number of pre-programmed transfer numbers
  • NG 9-1-1 ready
  • Fully Integrated with Responder CAD
  • Integrated VoIP PBX
  • Telco Grade quality delivering mission-critical levels of availability
  • Includes top shelf VoIP telephones or use your existing phone system
  • Fully configurable as a “Virtual PSAP” across multiple sites in the future while retaining local serviceability
  • Fully integrated with SIP Appliances (mediation gateways) to allow connectivity to traditional
    telecommunications circuits such as CAMA, POTS and others
  • Utilizes Experient’s VoIP ANI/ALI Controller middle-ware
  • Linux-based for tremendous reliability
  • NENA VoIP i2 compliant
  • Complies with existing and emerging Next Generation (i3) standards
  • Party Conferencing; participants can join from analog, wire-line, wireless, VoIP, PBX or T1 circuits
  • Supports full integration with NENA-compliant CAD, Logging Recorders and Maps
  • Includes a sophisticated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD )
  • Comes Standard with remote maintenance, 24X7X365 real-time monitoring
  • Easily scaled from one position to hundreds
  • No high failure TDD hardware to deal with instead uses software VoIP-based TDD
  • Outgoing 911 trunk transfer capability (does not have to rely on Selective Router like other systems to achieve this functionality)
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides a very inexpensive cloud based communications network for connecting an unlimited number of dispatch centers for virtual consolidation of 911 and dispatch solutions.
  • APSS AXIS™ can also drastically reduce annual maintenance and has proven to provide cost savings. Agencies can be confident they are getting the most for their money by choosing APSS AXIS™ as their 911 solution.
  • Intalled on a Stratus Technologies offering continuous availability with automatic redundancy.