Mobile Silent Software

In an emergency situation, every second counts and providing the appropriate resources as quickly as possible may be the difference between life and death. APSS Sentinel™, is the Alert Public Safety Solutions Mobile Dispatch (MDC) system providing public safety emergency responders immediate, accurate, reliable, and critical information for fast response and data that is essential to emergency responders’ safety.

The architecture of APSS Sentinel™ is designed to allow the MDC running APSS Sentinel™ connectivity though any communication device that supports TCP/IP communication protocol, such as cellular, wireless broadband, and radio network (IP enabled).

APSS Sentinel™ provides a single interface for running State/NCIC, CAD, messaging, mapping, and other databases providing quick parsed returns with flagging of critical data and featuring audible alerts when critical data is returned.  This allows the officer quick and easy notifications of the data that they are mostly concerned about.  In addition, the teletype version containing all data that would be returned to a user is also available for drill down support.

In today’s public safety, it is imperative that the officer has all of the tools available to make sure that safety for his/her well-being and the safety of citizens is the first priority. APSS Sentinel™ quickly provides the officer in the field the   information that allows safety to be first. Not only is critical CAD/RMS data available, but State and Federal data is available as well.   Alert PSS patent pending APSS Gateway™ and APSS Cyclone™ can provide data from many external data sources providing the ultimate in information data sharing to protect the first responder and the public right from the mobile device through APSS Sentinel™


  • Silent Dispatching
  • Web Service Based; Secured Internet Protocol Access For Thin Client
  • Alert Map® and Microsoft  Bing® Mapping
  • Unit Status Changes with Immediate CAD/Mobile Refresh Support
  • Touch Screen Support
  • Access To All Active Incidents and Units
  • Access to General Operating Guidelines
  • NCIC/State/Regional and RMS Query Support
  • Auto Launch Traffic Stop NCIC/State Plate Query
  • Remote printing to station printers
  • 3D Driving Directions/Routing
  • Integrated Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking (AVL) support
  • Provides the following Incident Information:
    • Caller Name and Caller Location/Phone
    • Incident Location
    • Nature of the Incident
    • Dispatcher Comments
  • Provides Alerts, Hazards, Cautions, Warrant information related to the incident
  • All Unit Status Changes Displayed in Real-Time with no User Intervention; Auto Refresh
  • Officer Initiated Incident Creation Support
  • Address/Location Validation (supporting street number range, specific street number, block addresses, and mile marker validation)
  • Response Times Available to the Officer
  • Full CAD Status Support
  • Fully Integrated E-Citation
    • Complete, legible, and accurate citations can be issued in minutes leading to increased productivity
    • Improves efficiency and safety of officers during traffic stops
    • Fully integrated with NCIC/NLETS solution to allow direct import of data
    • Full hardware integration with scanner and bar-code readers
    • Allows for in-car printing, importing into APSS Enforcer™ RMS
    • Ability to automatically submit data to local and state reporting and court systems
  • Ability for Officer to Update Incident Characteristics without Dispatcher Intervention
  • AVL and Closest Unit(s) recommendation
  • Local and State/NCIC Wants and Warrant hits and notification
  • Ability for officer to enter additional comments associated to the incident
  • Mobile to Mobile, Mobile to Dispatch, Dispatch to Mobile Chat Support; Group Chat
  • Panic/Officer in Distress Hot Key Support
  • Access to RMS/Master Name and Vehicle Inquiry Support
  • Features attractive .NET graphical user interface
  • Day/Night Feature
  • Unit Radio Log / Daily Log Tracking
  • Color Coded Icons for Units and Incident Status
  • Messaging / News Bulletin
  • ProQA—Certified Priority Dispatch Interface data pushed to mobile
  • User/agency defined action buttons, supporting button color, button text, and action assignment
  • Customizable for Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS viewing
  • Automatic software updates and deployments without the user having to log out
  • End-to-end data encryption that meets FIPS 140-2 standards
  • Complete integration with RSA or 2FA two factor authentication meeting NCIC security standards
  • Facilitates interoperability for multi-agency data sharing
  • Supports unique configurations for each agency allowing APSS Sentinel™ to work as each agency needs it to work
  • Allows for uninterrupted roaming between networks with integration to Net Motion™
  • Complete Integration with all other APSS Solutions allowing single entry of data


  • House/Vacation Watch
  • Master Name/Locations and involvements
  • Master Vehicles and involvements
  • File Attachment ability (Photo, Video, Audio, Documents, etc.)
  • Warrant/Protections Orders
  • BOLO (Be On Look Out)
  • Master Calendar
  • Permits
  • News Bulletin
  • Chat