Law Enforcement Records Management Software

Law Enforcement Records Management SystemsTechnology is the driving force of law enforcement today, and the need for good record-keeping and information-sharing practices has taken on added significance in today’s global environment. Nothing is more important to accomplishing that mission than having accessibility to accurate and timely records. APSS Enforcer™ is the Alert Public Safety Solutions product helping law enforcement meet its ongoing need for immediate, accurate, and reliable information.

APSS Enforcer™ is an agency-wide system that provides for the storage, retrieval, retention, manipulation, documentation, and viewing of information, records, documents, or files pertaining to law enforcement operations. It covers the entire life span of records development; from the initial generation to its completion. Utilizing Microsoft SQL Database, APSS Enforcer™ allows single entry of data, while supporting multiple reporting features and allowing for direct integration into Microsoft© products. This provides for endless possibilities in law enforcement records management reporting and data use.

APSS Enforcer™ is NIBRS, UCR, and Clery compliant and includes powerful advanced features that other vendors make you pay extra for.


  • Crime Incident Reporting
  • Traffic Crash Reporting
  • State Submission
  • Property/Evidence Management
  • Bar Coding
  • House/Vacation Watch
  • Personnel Management
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Inventory
  • Training
  • Mug Shot Lineup
  • Citations
  • Parking Tickets
  • File Attachment ability (Photo, Video, Audio, Documents, etc.)
  • Case Management
  • Warrant/Civil Processing/Protections Orders
  • BOLO (Be On Look Out)
  • Master Name/Location
  • Master Calendar
  • Master Property
  • Permits
  • News Bulletin

APSS Enforcer™ is an all-inclusive solution that provides for today and years to come.