Dispatch Tactical Mapping

A geographic information system (GIS) combines layers of information about a place to give you a better understanding of that location.  Protecting citizens, property, and the environment are among the most important responsibilities of government agencies. Public safety agencies are the front line of defense for keeping the public and communities safe by reducing the loss of life and property from emergencies.  Doing so requires planning and preparedness, which are closely tied to geographic information. APSS Alert Map™ is the Alert Public Safety Solutions GIS mapping software product that does just that!

APSS Alert Map™ is a fully two way integrated Map module featuring an embedded solution using the DDTI AccuGlobe™ Map API engine.  This API allows Alert PSS to provide hundreds of embedded map methods as part of the map engine.


  • Create an incident directly from the map based on a 911 call
  • Nearest address is presented to the user allowing the dispatcher to send responders to the closest address point of the call on the map
  • Duplicate Incident Detection based on a geographical radius setting defined by the agency
  • Select a call from the map to view
  • Points of Interest Search
  • Transfer an incident to another agency using DDTI map technology
  • Overview Map displaying complete map area with large view interaction
  • Support for Pictometry™ and 360
  • Provides street searches without the need of creating an incident
  • User Defined Tool Tip support for display of map attribute data
  • Responder Routing Included
  • Provide Closest Unit Recommendation with APSS Shadow AVL™ support
  • Phase II Wireless Compliant—See the 911 caller within inches/feet of actual location
  • Display to CAD or standalone map with complete integration
  • Easy to view map markers displaying CAD incident number, location, nature and units responding with unit status displays
  • Map Layer Configuration set by the user
  • Address Searching without having to create a CAD incident with scoring
  • Alert/Hazard presentation on map incident
  • Distance measurement
  • IDENTIFY, allows users to view all data associated with a structure, street, etc.
  • Zoom in and out / Pan
  • Confidence Radius factoring
  • Search by latitude / longitude