IntelliCAD: Computer Aided Dispatch Software

In an emergency situation, every second counts and providing the appropriate resources as quickly as possible may be the difference between life and death. IntelliCAD™, is Intellitech’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system providing agencies immediate, accurate, and reliable information for responding to emergency situations.

The architecture of the IntelliCAD™ system is designed to allow the dispatcher to focus their attention on the caller, the emergency, and the response teams assigned to the incident.  We understand the job of the dispatcher is to follow agency protocols and policies per each type of incident or assignment, such as calling or texting the fire chief(s) based on certain conditions or notifying the EPA for chemical spills.  The job of a computer aided dispatch system is to automate these procedures and provide the dispatcher critical information without having to hunt for it.  We present vital information to the dispatcher and handle all notifications without dispatcher intervention. If the agency has our state of the art Mobile Dispatch, then the information is delivered right to the responder.  With our mobile product, there will be no more phone calls to the dispatcher to get response times for reporting.

Interoperability is the key to today’s dispatching needs.  IntelliCAD allows multiple agencies to display incidents and/or units and supply appropriate unit recommendations, hazards, premise information, and much more. Integrated with E-911, enhanced mapping and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) capabilities, we can reduce stress on dispatchers and allow them to focus on supporting the caller and responding units.  IntelliCAD™ is NOT a one size fits all solution and each agency has the ability to impose their unique policy and procedural rules for response.

IntelliCAD™ Computer Aided Dispatch is developed with all of these aspects in mind.  Built on a Microsoft® back end, it’s easily configurable to be a truly multi-agency system providing agencies a way to easily share information.  With more agencies moving toward consolidated centers, IntelliCAD™ allows agencies to pool resources, reduce operational costs, and focus on supporting first responders and serving the community.

IntelliCAD™ is a dispatch software system that will take agencies to the next level by providing agencies a way to respond intelligently and rapidly when every second counts.


  • Enhanced Unit Status Availability Windows for True Multi-Agency Dispatch
  • Real-Time Display Notification (TCP/IP Messaging)
  • True Multi-Agency Run Card / Unit Recommendation / Cross Manning Support
  • Robust Integrated mapping with our IntelliMAP product™
  • Optional MS MapPoint®, BING®, Google® Mapping, all Phase II Compliant
  • E911 ANI/ALI Interface from Existing 911 Controller and Caller ID
  • Live Scrolling Banner for Displaying Cautions, BOLOS, etc.
  • Instant Alerts, Prior History, Warrants, Community Watch Flags, and Audible/Visual Timer Indicators, Both on Call and Units
  • Enhanced CAD Windows Configuration on Multiple Monitors
  • User Defined Unit Action Menu
  • Address/Location Validation (supporting street number range, specific street number, block addresses, and mile marker validation)
  • Move-Up recommendations
  • Agency defines their own Command Line entry to ease the transition from an existing system thereby decreasing the learning curve
  • Automatic Paging based on Nature of Call and Agency
  • AVL and Closest Unit(s) recommendation
  • Optional Auto Launched State/NCIC Queries through our Gateway™
  • Features Drag and Drop Units to CAD Incidents
  • Hot Keywords for Dispatcher Comments
  • Unit Radio Log / Daily Log Tracking
  • Create Incidents via 911 / Manual / Officer Initiated / Map
  • Quickly change to “Storm Mode” where unit recommendation settings change dynamically based on resource management configurations
  • Color Coded Icons for Units and Incident Status
  • Optional Integrated Mobile Dispatching with APSS Sentinel™
  • Chat / Messaging / News Bulletin
  • Optional ProQA—Certified Priority Dispatch Interface (EMS, Fire, and Law) Interface
  • Find Resources (Units) with Specific Skills and Contents Quickly
  • Fax and Remote Modem Printer Support (Auto Launch CAD Run Sheet on Unit Dispatch and Again on Close of Run)
  • User-Defined Dispatch Profiles Allows the User to Select the Profile Needed for Their Specific Dispatch Duties
  • Single or Multi-View CAD windows that are saved as part of the users own created and maintained Dispatch Profile Definitions, featuring dark or light windows background for enhanced lighting environments
  • Complete Integration with all other Intellitech Solutions allowing single entry of data


  • House/Vacation Watch
  • Personnel Management
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Inventory
  • Training
  • Responder Assignments
  • File Attachment ability (Photo, Video, Audio, Documents, etc.)
  • Warrant/Civil Processing/Protections Orders
  • BOLO (Be On Look Out)
  • Master Name/Location
  • Master Calendar
  • Permits
  • News Bulletin
  • Chat