IntelliShare Data Sharing

IntelliShare™ is Intellitech’s Data Sharing Solution.  User-friendly and consistency highlights the configuration options for each agency’s data share preferences.

In today’s public safety, it is imperative that the dispatcher/officer has all of the tools available to make sure that safety for his/her well being and the safety of citizens is the first priority.  Intellitech’s IntelliShare™ quickly provides the dispatcher and the officer in the field the information that allows safety to be first while providing critical data that other agencies may have on record that your agency doesn’t.

Not only is critical CAD/RMS data available, but State and Federal data is available as well.  We provide data from many external data sources providing the ultimate in information data sharing to connect the first responder right to CAD and the mobile device through Intellitech’s IntelliShare™

Product Highlights:

  • Web Service Based, runs in the Cloud; Secured Internet Protocol Access For Thin Client
  • Uses Amazon AWS and Windows Azure servers for Cloud
  • Each agency determines and configures which disparate systems they want to be able to receive updates, and to what extent they can query your system
  • How it works?  Each agency connects to this cloud service using an outgoing internet connection from Intellitech’s Cyclone™ server, which is the message switch server that is housed on a server local to each agency.  Cyclone is automatically notified when any changes are made in CAD dispatch or any mobile devices such as unit status changes, incident creation/updates, vehicle assignment, and more.When Cyclone™ receives this notification, it then sends a message to the IntelliShare™ server (encrypted/compressed) with certain key points of information about the update.  IntelliShare™ then broadcasts this message to all Cyclone™ servers that are connected to IntelliShare™, based on the security settings that are set up by each agency .

    Once Cyclone™ receives this update from IntelliShare, it then updates CAD and any other relevant interfaces (such as MDTs) with the information, which then creating incidents and requesting units for mutual aid or assistance can be accomplished.

  • No more calling another agency to request mutual aid!