APSS SAB Committees

The APSS SAB Executive Board is reaching out to you for your assistance.  The APSS Software Advisory Committees and respective descriptions are located below.   If you are interested in serving on a committee and assisting with the charge and mission, submit your application by completing the embedded form.

Give Back Committee:

The Give Back Committee is going to be a way that we can give back to our fellow brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and Communications communities. We are going to look for ways to make donations to people and groups during times of need. I would also like to look at ways to recognize individuals and departments when they go above and beyond. Choose this committee if you have an interest in helping those that help us.

User Networking/System Utilization:

Truly a “users” committee…via developing with APSS 360° Communication: User to User, Users to APSS, APSS to Users. The committee will be tasked with providing users a forum or means to communicate with each other regarding FAQ, Help Topics, and Tips. Coordinate with APSS on User Documentation. Construct educational tools and create a true user network to ensure that each agency is utilizing the APSS products to the fullest. Future vision is for this committee to assist in establishing local/regional APSS User Groups

Technology and Innovation Committee:

The committee’s goal is to keep in touch with the APSS development staff to bring fresh ideas and users suggestions to the APSS Products. We will always be considering future technology and how new and different types of technology can be used to benefit and better the software. This committee will face several challenges as technology is always changing and the users’ needs are different depending on many factors; geographical areas, operational requirements, policy and procedures of different types of agencies and many others. I challenge anyone who wants to be a part of this committee to bring new ideas by “thinking outside of the box” to help this committee and APSS be even more successful in the future.

Compliance/Standards Committee:

With APSS growth and expansion, it is paramount that they remain current with all federal, state, and local standards. This committee will discuss and compare the standards required for their users. The committee will review applicable standards and ensure the Alert Product Suite is compliant.