APSS International Users Symposium

APSS 2017 Users Symposium

The APSS 2017 User Symposium’s purpose is to provide the inspiration, education and connections you need to transform your public safety operations.   2017 marks the 5th year of the APSS User Symposium held October 1-5 in sunny Orlando, Florida.  A lot has changed from the original user symposium when a few users gathered from around the state to hone their skills, help shape the software’s future, and share ideas.  Despite the changes to APSS User Symposium the premise remains the same… great training, great content, great discussions all with a goal to help your organization navigate industry trends and achieve optimal efficiency through the use of technology.

For those who are new to the APSS family, the APSS User Symposium is held annually to bring together users and prospective users of the APSS Product Suite.  The symposium agenda includes more than thirty separate educational sessions conducted by subject matter experts, industry leaders, and software power users.  The purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to transform your agency’s business and operations.

In October, APSS will host police, fire, ems and telecommunicators from all over the globe.  Though inspiring keynote, educational breakouts, hands-on training, and unlimited networking opportunities, you will learn that the symposium is truly remarkable.

Here are the top 5 reasons to attend APSS 2017 in OctobeR

  1. It is the 5th Anniversary
    • Typically, a fifth anniversary is symbolized by wood!  As an APSS user we give you the wood to create the house you want within our software.  APSS 2017 will be celebrating that wood as during this year the largest version release to date was published and it has change the wood, and we included the blue paint!  To celebrate we will provide you with fresh contender focused on industry trends; more product training opportunities; and facilitated networking opportunities.
  2. Learning from Industry Leaders
    • There are very few conferences that focus on the latest issues that face Public Safety Professionals as well as the tools and technologies powering operational efficiency today.  The knowledge and experience you will gain at APSS 2017 will be hard to replicate elsewhere.
  3. Master Your Solutions
    • Whether it is product training for beginners or for advanced users, you can improve our product aptitude at APSS 2017.  If the trainings aren’t for you, schedule some time to discuss your challenges at the APSS Support Bar!  Our product support staff will work with your directly to evaluate your requests or issues.
  4. Networking Opportunities
    • Every user thinks their issues are completely unique.  The truth is that there is a high probability that someone else is having the same issue, even better has already found a solution to the issue.  Bring your top ten issues with you and use one of our networking opportunities to meet others who may share your concerns.
  5. Orlando in October
    • While the weather in Florida is always warm, you are guaranteed to at least see some beautiful sunshine.  We strongly suggest bringing your family to the event and staying a few extra days to take in the many attractions of central Florida.  Here are just a few ideas to get you in the planning mode:

New for APSS 2017

  • 3 days of in depth product training
  • Support Bar… Think Apple Bar
  • More time to relax and enjoy Orlando, FL
  • Networking opportunities
  • Enhanced course offerings