Notification: AVL/GPS Hardware Device Warning

Ken Stewart

AVL/GPS Hardware Device Warning

Based on a U.S. Homeland Security warning issued recently, we would like to notify you about the risk of the possible malfunction of some GPS receivers on April 6, 2019.

On that date, a so-called date rollover will occur that happened last time in the year 1999. Some cheaper GPS Alert Guardianreceivers that do not support the rollover have been discovered on the market. These receivers will switch their date to 1999 on April 6. This may cause the following problems:

  • If the date and time of the system in a mobile terminal depend on GPS, the system will have a problem connecting with https protocols and all of the reports will have the wrong date.
  • It is not certain, and the report from the U.S. Homeland Security does not mention it, but if the GPS receiver has the wrong date, it might indicate an incorrect location, or no location at all.

We expect that the problem will not occur on high-end devices or the mass-produced phones and tablets, but we would still like to advise caution to everyone.

To avoid any inconvenience with a possible malfunction, we advise you to take the following 3 easy steps:

  1. verify with your hardware provider whether the hardware you use for GPS navigation can be affected by this problem, and ask them for a firmware update if such an upgrade is available
  2. change the time from automatic GPS synchronization to synchronization from the mobile operator, if your device offers that, or to manual date setting
  3. keep your IT staff at the ready for any eventual problems on the weekend of April 6, 2019 and verify if your systems behave properly.

Thank You

–Team Intellitech