APSS and APCO Intellicom

Ken Stewart

APSS received an update today regarding APCO Intellicomm™ that we felt important to pass along to everyone.  APSS interface is still complete and awaiting the completion of the APCO beta test. Once completed we will have this interface available for all clients.

“This is to update you on our new guidecard software, APCO IntelliComm™ supported by IBM Watson Analytics. Since the initial demo you received, we have made other enhancements at the request of our current and prospective customers, which has delayed the general rollout. We are nearing completion of final User Acceptance Testing by our initial beta site, a large PSAP; then we can begin fulfilling the pending requests, like yours.

We appreciate your patience and, in the meantime, want to reassure you that APCO will continue to support 9-1-1 Adviser until such time as we can transition you to APCO IntelliComm.  We expect such transitions to begin in earnest by September 1 and to largely be accomplished by the end of this calendar year (December 31).

You can expect Darlene Hines, APCO Institute Sales Coordinator, to be in contact with you with more details in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued interest in APCO IntelliComm and your support and dedication to APCO International through the years.”

Alan McVickers
Sales Manager
APCO Institute
Phone: 386-944-2472
Email: mcvickersa@apcointl.org