APSS OIBRS Compliance

Ken Stewart

APSS OIBRS Use of Force Approved by State of Ohio

Alert Public Safety Solutions (APSS) continues its compliance with the state of Ohio by receiving approval for submitting the new FBI Use of Force data to the state of Ohio.  APSS will always strive for total compliance in every state for our clients as part of our, Public Safety Partner for Life commitment.  This is a long time commitment at APSS where we always put our clients first!

In 2017, Ohio established its data collection guidelines for reporting use of force incidents through Ohio’s IBR program, using the same technical concepts. Ohio established its standard using the FBI’s national use of force data collection program as the foundation. The OIBRS Advisory Board was a significant contributor in the determination and approval of data elements and values that are reported to the Ohio IBR program. The state will electronically extract from its IBR system only the data required by the FBI’s use of force data collection program and also in the format allowed by the FBI’s program.

Ohio’s IBR program defines a Use of Force incident for state reporting purposes as follows: A use of force incident to be reported through OIBRS is defined as an incident when a law enforcement or corrections officer uses any empty hand technique on a person, uses a less than lethal weapon or other object used as a less than lethal weapon on a person, discharges a firearm at or in the direction of a person, or uses any other lethal weapon or object used as a lethal weapon. Empty hand techniques do not include standard handcuffing procedures on a compliant person or escort position to a vehicle or holding area. This data collection to the Ohio IBR program does not include un-holstering a firearm and pointing it at a person or displaying any other type of lethal or less than lethal weapon or device.

(Credits: Ohio Incident Based Reporting System – Data Collection and Submission Specifications)