EMS Straw Man Document Released

Ken Stewart

EMS 2050, the Straw Man Document was release last month, in an attempt to provide insight and generate discussions that will lead up to a formal EMS Agenda document in 2018.  Summing that document up in one word:  INTEGRATION!  It is clear that completely integrate software systems, interfaces, and innovation in providing the continuity of care be the lead focus moving forward in EMS technology.

Look back at 1996 and the EMS Agenda for the Future that was built upon the 1973 EMS Enactment, focusing on key integrations and delivery of good clinical care. Straw Man builds upon those innovations to deliver people centered EMS.

People Centered EMS will be based on six guiding principles:EMS Agenda 2050

EMS systems will be:

  • Integrated and seamless
  • Socially equitable
  • Inherently safe
  • Sustainable and efficient
  • Reliable and prepared
  • Adaptable and innovative

One might ask, why not patient centered?  It isn’t about the patient it is about the community, and delivering the equitable, caring, needs of not only the patient, but the family, and the practitioners providing the care.

In people-centered EMS systems, processes, protocols, technology, policies and practices, are designed to provide the best possible outcome for individuals and communities, day­to-­day and during disasters. EMS is a versatile, mobile, community healthcare resource. It serves as the front line of the healthcare system and plays a core role in supporting the well-­being of members of the community through data-­driven, population-­oriented, evidence-­based, and safe approaches to prevention, response and clinical care. EMS organizations collaborate with their community partners and have access to the resources they need, including up-­to-date technology and a highly trained, healthy workforce.”

– Straw Man Document

APSS challenges you to be apart of the process to determine the future of EMS.  This is only the beginning, shaping the future of EMS and realigning integration and innovation for a “People-centered EMS System”.  We encourage everyone to become involved in EMS Agenda 2050, as meetings across the country become organized to seek input from you, the people, practitioner, community and family.  EMSAgenda2050.org for more information.  APSS has a complete line of fully integrated software and over 90 interfaces developed to be a leader in the EMS Straw Man revolution today and beyond.