APSS Launches Integrated E-Citation

Ken Stewart

APSS Sentinel™  Now Has Integrated E-Citation


APSS Sentinel™ now has a fully integrated E-Citation with v1.6.310.  Field officers now can issue an electronic citation in car in a matter of seconds. APSS E-Citation works seamlessly with supporting license scanners and state NLETS/NCIC connection to fully propagate the citation leaving only the essential information for the officer to complete.  Once complete the officer can print the citation in car with an integrated citation printer, then submit the ticket to APSS Enforcer™ for supervisor approval.

Further integration continues with APSS Enforcer™ that has the ability to submit the completed citation on to any supported court software.  APSS prides itself on integration to keep the information flowing while keeping officers on the road with the latest technology available.

Increase department productivity, keep officers safer, reduce citation errors and maintain accuracy all by using APSS Sentinel™ and the new integrated E-Citation.  Contact APSS today and see how you can take advantage of the new APSS Sentinel E-Citation™ and court integration.