APSS Honoring the Badge

Ken Stewart

2017 National Police Week

As National Police week ends, Alert Public Safety Solutions (APSS) would like to take a moment to say thank you for all you do to protect us.  APSS takes pride in providing the latest technology and innovative software to aid in the protection of our public safety officials.  During this week of national remembrance, we salute the 145 law enforcement officials that made the ultimate sacrifice in 2016.  Not only do we remember those who made that ultimate sacrifice, but we honor those men and women of law enforcement for their continued dedication and commitment; honoring the badge and keeping our communities safe every day!  Their enthusiasm, devotion, and commitment to public safety is inspiring!  APSS continues to be inspired by our law enforcement officials and remains committed to delivering innovative products to assist in officer protection and safety.   #APSSFamily  #PoliceWeek2017 #NationalPoliceWeek #BacktheBlue