Alert Public Safety Solutions is first vendor in Ohio to release Life Saving ASAP interface

Today Alert Public Safety Solutions (APSS) announced that the Delaware County Emergency Communications in Ohio, has successfully implemented The Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) service as part of their APSS CAD system.

ASAP is a national service that is the next generation for the processing of information from alarm monitoring stations needing emergency dispatch. This protocol was founded through the joint partnership of APCO, CSAA and NLETS and does the following:

  • Initial notification of an alarm event by an alarm monitoring company to a PSAP
  • Update of status by the PSAP’s CAD system to the alarm monitoring company
  • Bi-directional update of other events between an alarm monitoring company and a PSAP

“This project is a huge step toward streamlining the alarm call process in CAD. It eliminates the call to the 911 center, decreases call processing times, and reduces the chance of misdirected calls by the alarm monitoring company.  We are planning an unveiling at the 2016 APCO conference”, says Dick Fletcher  Vice-President of Operations at Alert Public Safety Solutions.

“Alert Public Safety Solutions is proud to be a partner in providing public safety with the tools needed to reduce stress and handle emergencies quickly and efficiently. The ASAP interface helps in delivering on our commitment”, says Mark Gruber President of Alert Public Safety Solutions.

APSS worked with CommSys (, utilizing their consulting services and the new ASAP Service Option for the ConnectCIC CJIS interface middleware for communicating with state message switches such as Ohio LEADS. CommSys works with Bill Hobgood to provide consulting support to both CAD providers and agencies to for ASAP Service interface development and implementations.

“The ASAP implementation in Delaware County introduces the newest CAD Provider to the ASAP program”, said Bill Hobgood, ASAP subject-matter-expert. “Alert Public Safety Solutions, along with CommSys, the middleware integrator between Delaware County and the Ohio state CJIS switch, are to be congratulated for a job well done in answering the call from PSAPs such as Delaware County Ohio that have been asking for this technology.”

Alert Public Safety Solutions will be showcasing this life saving ASAP interface solution at the 82nd APCO Conference & Expo August 15 and 16 2016 in Orlando Florida at booth 1727.

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